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Doctors and nutritionists are adept at recording clinical histories; but what about lifestyle histories? People have busy and complicated daily routines. Work, leisure, eating and physcial activity don't happen in isolation but are all interconnected. Lifestyle counseling requires one to understand the patients' habits in detail and offer personalized tailored advice. But then how does one monitor and track progress, leave alone remember the fine idiosyncracies of each patient? In the absence of a proper tool for counseling it is extremely difficult for doctors, nutritionists and lifestyle coaches, to maintain the continuity of care and keep their patients motivated. Even patients need a tool that would help them keep a track of their progress and reach their goals. Could there be a tool that works for both doctors and patients?
The Vishwas lifestyle chart is a visual communication tool designed to be used by doctors, nutritionist and lifestyle coaches.  It allows for easy mapping and tracking of the key areas of a patient's daily routine, and brings attention towards the problem areas that need to be addressed. It plots the 3 most important time-dependent factors of one's day which have a big impact on health i.e. Work, Travel, Leisure (Exercise). It allows one to note down the quality and the quantity of food intake daily. The tracking progress tables help the patient's reinforce their good habits and track their progress towards their set goals. The tool is to be used in partnership with the patient, and facilitates an engaging and highly motivating patient experience.  /tab_item]

Prototypes of the lifestyle chart are being tested. If you are a doctor, nutritionist or dietician interested in using our tools, please write to us on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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