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Patient centric prescription

A prescription is a something that almost all family physicians hand over to their patients more often than not. The prescription generally doesn't have any set format other than the illegible handwriting of the doctor. In some cases, especially the elderly there can often be confusion with the dosage, timing or the name of the medicine itself which can possibly lead to serious complications which could be easily avoided. The prescription thus is not patient centric as there is always a possibility of miscommunication.
The Vishwas prescription was designed such that the information/communication is more patient centric. The 3 coloumns created for each important meal of the day gives a clear indication of when and how much of each medicine one is supposed to consume through the day. The do's and dont's help in educating the patients further about their role in the recovery process beyond the medicines. Combining all this with doctors notes, next consult date and basic pateint vitals info, the prescription becomes a concise summary of the consult for the patient to take back with them.
Prototypes of the prescriptions are being tested and refined. Please check this space for more updates. If you are doctor, and would like to adopt our prescription format, please write to us on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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