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Patient healthcare experience (An ethnographic study)

There are various paremeters that are key to determining your health standards, like BP, Sugar, height, weight etc. It can be challenging to find time to monitor these on a regular basis over a long period of time given our busy schedules. There needs to be a simple way to keep a track of all these numbers in a chronological manner to keep tabs on your progress along with the help and guidance of your doctor. There should be a way of motivating yourself to keep monitoring them regularly, not just till you reach your target optimal figures for each but also later when maintaining them becomes a challenge in itelf. We all could do with being more acutely aware of our health in detail.
The elaborate table allows you to note down the readings for all the listed parameters over a perios of time (12 weeks OR 12 months) as seen fit by your doctor. It also provides for noting down your targt numbers for each of the parameters so they can serve as constant reminders as to how far you still have to go. The other basic health related information helps the dosctor to estimate/asss your targets and progress. The tracking/monitoring spread over a considerable period of time helps you take it step by step, which could particularly help with patients recovering from a serious health setback. Seeing your progress towards your target represented visually helps you stay motivated.
In the  process... coming soon!


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