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What is the 6 week IMPACT challenge?

 IMPACT 6-week challenge is the first-of-its kind  fitness, wellness and weight-loss program offered in a group setting. It is based on the revolutionary science of habits and lifestyle transformation. The program is offered by  team of  experts including a  medical doctor, health coach, and nutritionist. 

Who can participate in the IMPACT program?

 The program has been designed for men and women in the age group of 16 to 45 years. Our past participants have been students, young professionals, home-makers, and businessmen. The diversity of the group makes it fun and engaging. 

Will I have to diet or take medicine during the program?

 NO. Absolutely no dieting! No medicines! 

How much weight loss can I expect?

 On an average our participants lose up to 3 to 6 kgs in 6 weeks. However, the beauty of our program is that participants continue to lose weight even after completing the program! 

How is it different from programs offered by dieticians and personal trainers?

 The IMPACT program goes beyond diet and exercise planning. We fix the underlying cause of weight loss. Besides losing weight, you will feel more fit, confident and more in control of your life. 

What will be my commitment?

 You will be required to attend one workshop of 2 hours each every week for 6 weeks. Besides that you will be given certain tasks to do during the week and support through email and whatsapp. 



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