Innovation Lab

Innovation Lab

Vishwas  Innovation Lab is a hub where the left brain meets the right brain, and where bold ideas for community transformation take birth. 

 "Health care problems cannot be solved by doctors alone. Solving them requires holistic, imaginative, and integrative thinking."


It is a melting pot for creative professionals from all walks of life - doctors, health professionals, designers, managers, entrepreneurs, social scientists, and researchers pool in their intellectual capital to create innovative solutions for complex healthcare problems.  






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In the one year of its existence, Vishwas Innovation Lab has conceived, prototyped and commercialized a wide range of innovative services and products. We employ design thinking processes that are deeply rooted in empathy, user-centeredness and a systemic approach to solving problems.





We are a social enterprise committed to transform the healthcare experience for both patients and doctors, through our key initiatives - Physician Leadership, Patient-centric Clinics, and Innovation Lab.

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