Physician Leadership

Physician Leadership

Think Systemic

Physician Leaders think beyond the bio-medical model of disease, and they focus on the social determinants of health. They adopt a multidisciplinary approach to solve problems and are well versed in the arts, science and business of health. 


Physician Leadership

Feel Empathetic

Physician Leaders are good listeners, compassionate, and put utmost importance on the doctor-patient relationship. They are not afraid to feel, and are able connect with their patients at an emotional level. 


Act Proactive

Act Proactive

Physician Leaders believe in health promotion and disease prevention. They don't wait for patients to fall sick, but they proactively reach out to their patients and are the guardians of their health. They are role models for the community.


Vishwas Physician Leadership Program


Who is a Physician Leader?

A Physician Leader is not an ordinary physician, but one who poses these three unique traits - capacity to 'Think Systemic', 'Feel Empathetic', and 'Act Proactive'. Physician leaders are role models for the community. They occupy themselves with not merely with treating illnesses, but they work towards creating health communities by targeting the social determinants of health.

Why do we need Physician Leadership?

The healthcare problems we face in the 21st century are complex, and solving them requires an interdisciplinary approach. The doctor of the new age needs to be well trained  in medicine, art, humanities, social sciences, technology and business. The doctor needs to possess skills normally not taught in medical school. Physician Leadership prepare a doctor to be a community steward and an agent of social change.   -

What does the program comprise of?

The Vishwas Physician Leadership Program is an experiential learning program where a physician is acquainted with subjects not usually taught in medical school - namely,

  • health psychology
  • health promotion programming
  • motivational counselling
  • health communication
  • health information technology
  • health economics and policy
  • public speaking
  • community mobilization
  • leadership.

Who qualifies for the program?

There are just three basic requirements to qualify for the Vishwas Physician Leadership Program:

  • a MBBS degree
  • Your own clinic, or desire to establish your own clinic in the next year
  • A passion and desire to transform your community!

If you are interested in joining the program, please write to us on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

What is the duration of the program? Where is it offered?

The program will be offered over a period of 6 weeks beginning July 1st 2014 in the city of Mumbai. Since the program is an experiential learning program, the program fellows will required to live within the community (suitable accommodation will be provided).

What benefits will I get if I am selected for the program?

Program fellows will be trained over a period of 6 weeks and prepared to be Physician Leaders. Each fellow will be provided with a tablet loaded with the Vishwas Intelligent Physician Assistant, and a host of other tools and resources that will enable the doctors to transform their practice. By adopting the Vishwas model, the Physician Leaders will be able to earn more while working less, be more efficient, achieve greater work-life balance, and most importantly have a greater social impact.

How come the program is free? How can you afford it?

Vishwas is a social enterprise, and our goal is to promote the ideal of family medicine. Primary care and family medicine is on a decline and more young doctors need to be encouraged to establish their own clinics, and practising physicians need tools to transform their practice. Hence Vishwas has come up with a model where a corporate sponsor will be covering the cost of the training program by way of a CSR (corporate social responsibility) initiative .

I am interested in becoming a Physician Leader! How do I apply for the program?

We are in the initial screening phase and are accepting applications from interested participants. If you think you qualify for the program, you may send the completed application (click here to download) form to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . We will review your application and get back to you for a phone/in-person interview. The deadline for application is May 31st 2014.


We are a social enterprise committed to transform the healthcare experience for both patients and doctors, through our key initiatives - Physician Leadership, Patient-centric Clinics, and Innovation Lab.

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