Our Philosophy

Healthcare is not just about expensive diagnostic tests, high-tech equipment and modern medicines; but it is about caring for people and providing the healing touch. 

"At Vishwas we don't see people as patients, but as humans in distress who need more than medicines – a caring touch of a person whom they can trust."


At Vishwas we do everything possible so that you can achieve and enjoy positive health! Even if that means working with the local government in ensuring clean and disease-free environments. We put patients first in all our interactions. 

Our Story

Founding of Vishwas

January 26th 2012

Vishwas was conceived to address a pressing need to transform family medicine in India. Dr. Vishal Marwah, the founder of Vishwas, after spending 7 years in the US returned to India, and noticed that family medicine was on a decline and the value of a family physician in the eyes of the patients had been eroding, driving patients to specialists and specialized care. The Vishwas model was designed keeping the simple goal in mind - to reinstate Primary Care and Family Medicine, and thereby create healthy communities for healthy people.

Vishwas Clinic Lauched

August 15th 2012

The first Vishwas Clinic and Community center was launched in a suburb of Mumbai on the eve of India’s 65th Independence Day. The center offers a wide range of preventive health services for the entire family. With great emphasis of patient-centric design, it provides a homely experience to its visitors, and offers more than medicines - a place where one can relax, rejuvenate and refresh the mind, body and spirit.

Grand Challenges Canada - Rising Stars in Global Health

October 1st 2012

The VISHWAS model of Physician Leadership was awarded the 'Grand Challenges Canada - Rising Stars in Global Health' grant award. Out of the 200 odd organization that applied for the grant, Vishwas was one of the 30 to be selected. 

Vishwas App

February 1st 2014

The Vishwas android app and prescription support system was launched, and made fully operational in the clinic. With an easy to use interface, and minimal training required, the app allows the doctor to collect and store important patient information, create personalized follow-up reminders, view patient history in the form a of an interactive timeline, and analyze key metrics through a rich dashboard. The app is set to revolutionize the patient and doctor experience in the clinic. 


Anuradha Shah

Social Media
Anuradha Shah oversees the social media and international communications for VISHWAS. With experience in clinical nutrition, public health and designing health promotion programs, Anuradha is a key member of the content development team. Also a dancer and choreographer by hobby, her lively spirit ensures that there is never a dull moment at Vishwas.


We are a social enterprise committed to transform the healthcare experience for both patients and doctors, through our key initiatives - Physician Leadership, Patient-centric Clinics, and Innovation Lab.

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